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VoIP Connectivity

The Problem

Organisations are looking for the most reliable, high quality and cost-effective way to connect different premises ranging from home offices to HQ.

They want the flexibility to expand or contract activities at particular locations, and to cater for staff working preferences – many employees work from multiple sites or from home.

They also need the capability and support to quickly add or adjust capacity to meet changing businesses demands, whether these are seasonal, to meet the needs of a marketing campaign, or to react to incidents and provide business continuity.

Users of core function applications such as e-mail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales order processing, accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) rely on the network that connects the business to cloud service providers and the public internet.
Connectivity between locations and from the organisation to the internet is now a business-critical resource. If it fails, work stops. If its performance is sub-standard, work slows. So connectivity is critical to business survival, now more than ever!

The Solution

Hosted Telephony – Our complete hosted communications service provides businesses with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal, taking the burden of managing your telephony away from your IT team.

ADSI VoIP is managed by its own core network, enabling it to provide secure performance for business-critical applications. We manage and configure the system according to your organisation’s needs, you simply tell us what you need, how & where you are going to use it and we do the rest! Employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively, thereby maximising individual productivity.

Fully managed VoIP Telephony is available from £15.95 per month, per desk, no upfront costs, no disruption, no hassle.
Features low cost and free IP calling, 2000 free minutes per month to UK mobile numbers, and to 2000 a month to UK landlines, free handset, free installation and user training, ongoing professional support from our dedicated VoIP team. Contact us for your site quotation.

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