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If you are travelling (fingers crossed!) in Europe this summer; calls, texts and data will still come out of your UK allowance.

When travelling to Europe, unless you have a special tariff, roaming in our Europe Zone will be included in your UK allowance. So your minutes, texts, and data will work in our Europe Zone, just like they do at home. You’ll be able to make and receive calls and send and receive texts, like you’d normally do in the UK.

What about data?

When you use data in any of the 48 countries in O2’s Europe Zone you have your full UK monthly allowance available to you. It’ll come out of your monthly allowance, just like it would in the UK, as long as you’re on an eligible tariff. Any data you use over your UK monthly allowance will be charged at our standard UK rate.

If you run out of data whilst in our Europe Zone, you can buy more – the options and cost are the same as in the UK. If you buy more data and don’t use it all before returning from our Europe Zone, you’ll still be able to use it when you’re back in the UK. If you buy more data in the UK and then go to our Europe Zone, you can also use it there.

If you’re on an unlimited data tariff, you’ll be able to use up to 35GB of data. On some of O2 tariffs we have a £36 data overage cap for using data whilst in the EU, to protect you from a surprise bill when you return from your trip. If you’d like to remove the cap, get in touch

What’s included at no extra charge?

  • Making calls and sending texts within our Europe Zone.
  • Receiving calls and texts in our Europe Zone.
  • Making calls and sending texts to the UK from our Europe Zone.
  • Receiving calls and texts from the UK while you are in our Europe Zone.
  • The same data allowance as when you’re in the UK.
  • Calling your voicemail and receiving voicemails.

What’s not included?

  • Making calls or sending texts from the UK to other destinations (including the countries in our Europe Zone).
  • Making calls or sending texts to premium rate numbers and other non-geographic numbers (which can vary over time).
  • Making calls or sending texts from within our Europe Zone to a country outside of the Europe Zone (excluding the UK

Note: Check that the country you are travelling to is included in the 48 countries of O2’s Europe Zone before you set off!

Rest of the World

If you plan on travelling further afield outside Europe you can enjoy low cost roaming outside of Europe with calls, texts and data on a Rest of World Pass – a fixed daily (24 hours) or monthly fee (30 days), so you will always know what you are paying.

You only pay for the pass once you have triggered it by one of these three ways: using 50Kb of data in-country, making a call in-country or to the UK, receiving a call or sending a text in-country. Travel between different zones and the data allowance travels with you, adjusting as you go. You will need to check what O2 Zone the country you are travelling to is in… let us have the details and we can do this for you!

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