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Recommend a friend

Refer a business to us and we’ll reward you and your referral with £20 each. A referral taking up Mobile Account Management with 25 mobiles will earn you £500! Applies to any service – Mobiles, VoIP, Energy, IT Support – recommend away…

Referrals with unlimited cash!

Grab a piece of the pie and send us your referrals;

Every company thrives and delights in recommendations and a lot of our new business does indeed come from wonderful customer referrals – we all agree, it’s great to share good experiences! As a thank you for this, we introduced our Customer Referral Scheme a few years back. Simply refer any business colleague or associate to us and claim £20 each connection for yourself and £20 for them.

Unlimited earnings!!! Refer as many as you like, as big as an account as you like, and its £20 EACH CONNECTION.  Simply put, each Mobile number,  VoIP desk, Gas or Electricity site and IT package equals £20 .  For example a company with 25 mobiles each earns you £500 – winning!

Simply send in the details, either to your account manager or use the form below, once your referral takes up one of our cost saving business solutions, we will send you the money  (shopping voucher) and credit the referrals new account with the same amount.

If you’re not bothered about the cash, why not donate it to a Charity of your choice, or our chosen Charity is Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Just let us have the details and we’ll do the rest!

*T&Cs apply, limited promotional offer.

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