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Private Relay for Apple Devices

Apple have a new feature – Private Relay for Apple Devices in the iOS 15 update for iCloud+ account holders

What is it?

Private Relay is a privacy feature due to be introduced by Apple in the iOS 15 update for iCloud+ account holders.

Private Relay hides the IP address and Safari browsing activity for unencrypted data, e.g. sites using http from network providers and websites so that no one (including Apple) can see who you are or what sites you’re visiting when you use Safari.

You can turn it on or off on your Apple device.

How to get Private Relay

You’ll need an iCloud+ subscription to access the setting and signed in to iCloud+ using a valid Apple ID username and password to use Private Relay. Customers can upgrade on their device or go to Apple’s website for details of the plans they have available.

iCloud+ is an iCloud account with a paid for iCloud storage upgrade.  If you pay for additional iCloud storage today you will be automatically upgraded to iCloud+ when you move to iOS 15.

On iPhone or iPad
Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Private relay -> On – Off, or Upgrade.  If you see ‘Upgrade’ you don’t have iCloud+

To switch off: Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Private Relay -> Off

Open System Preferences. Click Apple ID. Alongside Private Relay, click the Upgrade button. Click Choose a Plan, select the plan you want, then click Next. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the subscription.

To switch off: Open System Preferences. Click Apple ID, Private Relay > Off

Further information to follow when launched! in the meantime contact us with any questions – 01268 495555

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