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ISDN Switch Off

The 2025 ISDN switch-off is moving closer and as local exchanges are marked out for transition, there seems to be a high level of ignorance about the changes and impact on businesses.

Research indicates that over 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises have no idea when their services will be switched off and over 70% have not made preparations for the disruption that will be caused. If your business replies on serving customers through a traditional ISDN line then you need to implement the changes sooner rather than later.

To facilitate the analogue network and ISDN switch-off, newer technologies are being more widely adopted. For those using an analogue or ISDN telephone number service, you will need to move to VoIP and take a SIP service.

VoIP (Voice over IP)

It is essentially a way of making phone calls over the internet. Unlike phone calls, VoIP services often come with a host of other benefits that can help make your business more efficient. VoIP services will also help promote business continuity and remote and flexible working practices.

It’s one of those things that sounds more complex than it really is, and the majority of businesses are likely already using a form of it already, for example, placing a call through Skype of Whatsapp counts as VoIP telephony.

One great benefit of VoIP services is that you are not tied to a desk – you can make a call on a smartphone from anywhere in the world, and your number will remain the same, but at a much lower price than an ordinary phone call.

VoIP excels when it comes to scalability. You can use services to set up a virtual receptionist or direct calls to the right person, which can make it appear like your organisation is bigger and more structured than perhaps it is, as well as providing first-class customer service.

It allows organisations to truly adopt flexible, remote and mobile working, by allowing workers to work from any location at any time and still have the same experience, access to information and contact details they would have if they were sat in the office

Also, as you scale up your business and increase your number of employees, the VoIP service can scale with you easily.

So are you prepared? Ask your Account Manager for details and to arrange a VoIP proposal based on your needs.

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