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Gas Prices

Gas prices: Why are they so high, what is the energy price cap, and what can you do, if anything?

The news is still full of gas price rises; most of the first quarter of 2022 was anticipating the rise, and the arrival of the second quarter brings the increases. So what’s it all about, why and what to do…

Why are gas prices so high?

Unfortunately there’s been a worldwide squeeze on gas and energy supplies caused by 6 key reasons;

1. We don’t have enough gas
2. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
3. We had a long winter
4. Most energy sources have struggled
5. Other nations are buying more gas
6. Our European suppliers are suffering

Several energy providers have gone bust, companies have shut down, energy bills have spiralled, and the worst may be yet to come. A rocky energy market makes it more and more likely that we’ll see less competitive pricing in the future.

The price cap rose this month to a record-breaking 54% at £1,971 per year, and experts fear it could reach £3,000 in October.

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