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Uses for VoIP technology

October 8th, 2018

VoIP technology is here to stay and if you’re still not convinced whether it is worth changing your existing phone system, here’s five reasons why;

Push out a Telesales Campaign

Keen to up your marketing efforts but worry about the cost or the logistics? Whether you are considering a full-blown telesales campaign or simply adding some scheduled calls to your marketing team’s routine, there usually implications to consider before rolling out your efforts. Many of these concerns, though, can be alleviated by the accessibility and affordability of VoIP hosted voice technology. The easily integrated system makes management and execution of a coordinated effort easy, so you don’t have to worry about creating a new communications system to support one campaign.

Simplify Your Internal Communications

VoIP isn’t just for outgoing calls. It can massively improve your internal communications, too, by giving you the tools to broadcast calls and easily talk to any member of your team. Because VoIP is so versatile, it can easily be integrated to any existing internal system you may have. There’s no need to wait for a reply to an email when every member of your team is equipped with their own VoIP phone line, and you can simply call to talk. This, along with other resources supporting dialogue to create a system facilitating simple and accessible interactions.

Don’t Stop at simply using Skype for communication

There are many ways to integrate VoIP into your office, and each of them offers a unique benefit. Leveraging a united communications approach can empower you to shift your focus from communications management and planning,  to simply communicating—after all that’s what we do best.

Improve Customer Service

Have your customers ever complained of poor voice quality? Or perhaps you’ve struggled with maintaining a system that offers constant customer service. The latter of these concerns is particularly relevant for companies that utilise a mobile workforce. You may struggle with managing a fleet of phone numbers or leaving your staff without communication resources at all. Employing a VoIP system can help you resolve all of these problems. The technology allows for commercial phones with a designated IP, and it enables the stress-free communication that is essential to providing your customers with a positive experience.

Expand Internationally

Many executives have considered taking their company international and expanding operations only to be thwarted by the potential complications of developing a communications system to support such efforts. Indeed, supporting international communication and calling may have been an expensive and stressful prospect in the past, but it as accessible and simpler than ever with the advent of VoIP. Its affordability, in particular, has allowed many organisations to seamlessly expand their presence without the worry of configuring their communications systems to support their growth. You could take advantage of new marketplaces by utilising VoIP’s international capabilities.

These are just a few of many ways the VoIP technology can revolutionise your workplace and become the single most important communication tool in your company. It is too often overlooked, but if you want to truly leverage its full potential, these tips are the best place to start. You can turn VoIP into your organisation’s greatest weapon.

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